In The Face Of Darkness

What can you say of a person who is deaf, mute, and blind and still holds out hope for the future? In truth, aren’t the limits we place upon ourselves limits of the mind rather than limits of our senses? Optimism is a state of being. That means it is a choice to find the light of hope where others may see only darkness. We like how Helen Keller put it in this quote. Continue reading

The Crow Bar 7.2 – Auction

Is it time to put The Crow Bar up for auction? Find out in today’s Crow Bar comic… Continue reading

JB – The Bills

JB struggles to manage his bills in today’s Adventures of Javabird comic… Continue reading

Where The Truth Lies

Have you ever been caught in a lie? How did it feel? Did your face turn beet red as your cheeks burned up? What is the real cost of a lie? Does it matter if we tell a “few little fibs” if we believe the truth will be too hard to swallow? Is telling a lie guaranteed to come back and bite you? Do you ever tell different people different versions of the truth? Do you ever worry they might compare notes? We think Mark Twain made a great observation on the price of lying in this quote: Continue reading

The Crow Bar 7.1 – Moving On

 Any crow worth his salt knows that packing up and relocating can be a moving experience. Here’s today’s Crow Bar comic… Continue reading

Wisdom Of The Ages

How do you measure age? Should it be a simple calculation based on years? Would it be better to create a formula measured by life experiences? Why do some people seem older than their physical years? Why do some of the oldest people we run into have the brightest, most youthful spirit? Are the dreams of youth destined to fade into distant memories? Do the opportunities we let slip through our fingers become fuel for faster aging? We think John Barrymore made a great observation on aging when he said: Continue reading

JB’s Best Advice

JB goes a new direction with his blog in this Adventures of Javabird comic… Continue reading

The Crow Bar 7.0 – Dead Crow

Sounds like some crow is blooming demised in today’s Crow Bar comic… Continue reading

Word Power

Is the pen truly mightier than the sword? Are you ever at a loss for words? Have you ever started talking and ended up going on and on? Have you ever wanted someone else to do less talking and more listening? We got a chuckle reading Josh Billings philosophy on words in this quote… Continue reading

JB Gets Fen Shui’d

JB comes home to an unexpected surprise. Continue reading


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