The Crow Bar – Robbed

We had a whole case of smoked salmon in our storage unit, but the thief broke our lox. Yes, we know you like puns like these and that’s why you have to check out today’s Crow Bar comic… Continue reading

Reflected Me


When you look in the mirror what do you see? Are you ever happy with the image reflected back at you? Do tiny imperfections seem to grow before your eyes? Are there too many wrinkles? Is your face breaking out? Is your nose too big? Is it oddly shaped? Do you wish your hair was different or would quit falling out? Are your teeth spaced too far apart? And more to the point, would others see you the way you see yourself? Or is it more likely they would gloss over your imperfections, since they’re too caught up with their own? Here’s what author Bob Anderson had to say on the subject in his new novel Woe Man: Continue reading

Self-Storage: Renter Beware


The thieves are busy. They're plotting to take your stuff.

Maybe this sign should read, “Wide Open.”

People rent storage units because they want a safe place to store things they can’t fit in their homes or apartments. Well, watch out. Here’s what your self-storage company doesn’t want you to know: A disturbing crime spree is on the upswing and your valuables are at risk of being stolen. It will happen overnight. One minute you’ll think you’re immune and the next you’ll be talking to a police officer and filling out forms. Do you know what steps to take to protect yourself? Better read on. Continue reading

Chicka ‘n Dee – Forget Me Not

Dee forgets in this Chicka ‘n Dee comic. Continue reading

Chicka ‘n Dee – Global Warming

Chicka disagrees with scientists in this Chicka ‘n Dee comic. Continue reading

All You Need Is Love


The heart has long been the symbol of love and love is definitely one of those things worth celebrating. So celebrate! Here’s a little love to get you started. Continue reading

The Crow Bar 7.6 – Coffee

Take a break from your daily grind. We just know you’ll be dying to espresso your feelings when you see this new Crow Bar comic… Continue reading

JB Is Superstitious


The big game is coming up and Anna wants her Dad to watch. Continue reading

The Power To Create: My Journey As An Author


Woe Man the novel: All the rules have changed.

Bob Anderson just published his first novel Woe Man.

How does one excel? Being good enough to stand out takes practice. Mastering an art form or profession requires ongoing effort and undying commitment. Honing skills is important, but having a real knack for the special thing you do may be even more critical. Some require a constant source of inspiration for success. Others seem blessed by good fortune or the genetic pool. Perfecting an attitude of stubborn resilience never hurts—for all those moments that tempt you to quit. For a lucky few, excelling is a breeze. For the rest, a bumpy ride. In case you wonder, I drive that rust bucket in the back of the line.


Ever since my college days, I knew I wanted to write a novel. I never considered myself gifted. In no shape or form was churning out stories or poems a part of the equation.  I suppose it was more about my experience of being transported out of my body by the books I read. In other words, books literally sucked me in and took over my life for the short time I got caught up reading them. It was magic and I wanted to be a part of it. Continue reading

Chicka ‘n Dee – Freezing

The birds wait for the bus in this Chicka ‘n Dee comic. Continue reading


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