JB Is Superstitious


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The Power To Create: My Journey As An Author


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Bob Anderson just published his first novel Woe Man.

How does one excel? Being good enough to stand out takes practice. Mastering an art form or profession requires ongoing effort and undying commitment. Honing skills is important, but having a real knack for the special thing you do may be even more critical. Some require a constant source of inspiration for success. Others seem blessed by good fortune or the genetic pool. Perfecting an attitude of stubborn resilience never hurts—for all those moments that tempt you to quit. For a lucky few, excelling is a breeze. For the rest, a bumpy ride. In case you wonder, I drive that rust bucket in the back of the line.


Ever since my college days, I knew I wanted to write a novel. I never considered myself gifted. In no shape or form was churning out stories or poems a part of the equation.  I suppose it was more about my experience of being transported out of my body by the books I read. In other words, books literally sucked me in and took over my life for the short time I got caught up reading them. It was magic and I wanted to be a part of it. Continue reading

Chicka ‘n Dee – Freezing

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25 Fun Free Entertainment Ideas



Find a great place to walk nearby.

There’s nothing like a walk to soothe both body and soul.



Feeling bored? Feeling tapped out? Looking for something fun to do? Here’s our list of 25 activities you can do for free. Don’t blow the family budget on expensive game or theater tickets. Learn to save a buck and have some fun while you’re doing it. Continue reading

JB Saves Christmas


Chances are you’ve heard the tale of Rudolf The Red Nosed Reindeer.  This then is what happened last year when Rudolf came down with a severe case of pneumonia and the weather turned so bad Santa almost canceled Christmas. We can only thank the lucky stars that our very own Javabird just happened to hear the story from a runaway penguin (though that’s a story for another day). Continue reading

The Crow Bar 7.5 – Ghosts

Boo! It’s that time of year again. Are the spirits on the rise? You’ll never know until you check out today’s Crow Bar comic… Continue reading



What harm in forgiving? What cost in refusing to let go? Have you ever felt wronged? Ever been snubbed? Do you embrace the slight and turn it into bitter pain or anguish? Do you hang on to it to play victim or secretly plan some ultimate vengeance? Instead, couldn’t you simply let go? We think Confucius had a great point about finding inner peace when he said: Continue reading

The Crow Bar 7.4 – For The Love Of Bread

Is love on the rise? Find out in today’s Crow Bar comic… Continue reading

The Crow Bar 7.3 – Playing Cards

Who will win at cards? Find out in today’s Crow Bar comic… Continue reading



Do you prefer to go it alone? Would you rather be wrong than listen to someone else telling you how to do it? Do you ever tire of mistakes? Do you feel most mistakes are avoidable? Are some mistakes inevitable? What is the worst mistake you ever made? Do you wish others might learn from your error? Have you ever witnessed someone making a terrible mistake? Do you try to warn them of their folly? Do they stop and listen? We think Alfred Sheinhold had great point when he said… Continue reading


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Woe Man

Are you ready for the future? Watch out it's now. Woe Man, a new Kindle book from Amazon.

Are you ready for the future? Watch out, it's now. Author Bob Anderson's amazing new novel Woe Man is now available in the Amazon Kindle store.

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